Senior & Graduation

After 30 years of being in business we are pleased to be photographing rising seniors whose parents we photographed when they were in high school. Going through the process a second time, a generation apart, is a moving experience. It helps us keep a fresh spirit as we work to give you the best senior portrait possible.

Our new senior portrait special combines a collection of traditional prints and a set of digital images for sharing with friends and family. The offer includes:

  • A studio and/or location sitting.
  • A print package of 80 photos consisting of 4 8x10s, 12 5x7s, 6 3x5s, and 58 personalized wallets.
  • A CD with all of your photos including a copy release.
  • And a CD with your selection for the yearbook.

All for only $219

Call Alan at 434-960-2242 or email him at to schedule an appointment.